Banned in China: Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub?

Is it just technical, or is it something I said? Does the Chinese government have no use for Millard Fillmore, who sent an expedition to Japan to open up trade there, or is it the thought of bathtubs that puts them off?

Any way it is sliced, according to, this blog is not viewable in China.

Test your own, or someone else’s: Test.

Odd consideration: Fox News is also blocked from China. Who could object to that, except on principle? On the one hand, one appreciates the good taste shown in blocking the site. On the other hand, even garbage journalism has rights in the U.S.

Okay, we’ll stick with principle: Not even Fox News should be blocked.

And, just to be sure, if a site you test produces a result that suggests it is available in China, will you let me know? I found very few available.

9 Responses to Banned in China: Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub?

  1. Tour Marm says:

    Can we get the Chinese to produce a firewall for Nigeria?


  2. Tour Marm says:

    Well doggone it!

    Both of my URL’s are blocked, and I haven’t even posted anything on one of my sites yet! !

    When I started blogging this past January, it was suggested that I put in some ‘bells and whistles’ like a world map and site meter to track traffic. (There’s also a neat widget which is a flag quiz,) However, I noticed that I immediately had a great number of hits from all over China.

    Having hosted a Chinese national in my home, I found out how tight their security was. You should read their official news site and compare it to what is really happening!

    It seems there are certain buzz words that set it off: democracy is one of them.

    I wonder though, if this firewall exists in Hong Kong?


  3. […] thanks to Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub for the […]


  4. Oh this is a beauty! Not blocked – available in China is

    This is a site set which is opposed to Google on the grounds of their internet freedom record. Tee hee. A small victory :-)

    My blogs are blocked too … something about doodles that are offensive to the Chinese Government. I’m contentious with no effort – hurrah! (I think it’s the wordpress label that tags us as trouble makers)

    Great site though – thanks for the link!


  5. bernarda says:

    I decided to look up the issue. Here is why everyone has an FBI File.

    “Do I Have an FBI File? If you are an adult citizen of the United States, or if, after 1996, you have ever applied for credit, you have an FBI File. At that time the FBI spent millions with ChoicePoint Inc. to buy information on virtually all adults living in the United States with any credit or public record history. ChoicePoint, formerly a part of credit-reporting company Equifax, is a database compiler selling personal information for a profit. Using your Social Security number as the key identifier, ChoicePoint compiles dossiers on citizens from credit reports, and from public records such as court files, property tax documents, business incorporation filings, and professional license applications. ChoicePoint aggregates this up-to-date information and sells it to the FBI. ”

    Since after the “Patriot Act” and the “Military Commissions Act” everyone is a terrorist, it is not surprising that big brother is looking after us.


  6. Ed Darrell says:

    Didn’t they have a file on everybody (except Ray Donovan)?


  7. David Parker says:

    The FBI has a file on you?

    Why, Ed, you ol’ troublemaker! A badge of honor….


  8. Ed Darrell says:

    That means that you can be a conduit for messages . . .

    My suspicion is that WordPress is the thing that triggers the ban on my url, and nothing in the content.

    But, then, I couldn’t figure out why the FBI would have a file on me, either.


  9. David Parker says:

    “Your URL is available,” it says. Should I be pleased that they like me? or disappointed that I’m not subversive enough to be banned?


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