Taos is beautiful this time of year

Posting is light — I’m on the road and relatively incommunicado. We’re in New Mexico, building houses with Habitat for Humanity. It’s great stuff.

Taos adobe wall

Adobe construction is amazing. It’s hitting 90 degrees Fahrenheit here by noon — adobe houses, without air conditioning or forced air of any kind stay cool well into the afternoon. Amazing.

My apologies for light posting; comment away on the stuff that is here. I’m running a few posts from the past that deserve wider audience (and more comment). And I’ll try to post from the road. So much to see and say.

  • Photo of adobe wall in house under construction in Taos, New Mexico.  Copyright 2007 by Ed Darrell.  Feel free to use it, with attribution.

4 Responses to Taos is beautiful this time of year

  1. Ellen says:

    Hello Mr. Darrell,

    I’m interested in using your image of adobe in a book that for which I am writing a chapter. If you could please contact me, I would like to get official permission from you to use it.



  2. Ed Darrell says:

    Texans put beans in chili? Who?

    Touring is extremely limited, and I don’t have my car. But I’ll see what I can do to run into Karen. Alpacas? There is a field of llama looking things about 40 miles from here . . .


  3. Pam says:

    Lucky new home owner.

    Karen from Morningstar Alpacas (http://morningstaralpacas.com/) might be able to point you towards historic adobe buildings in the region and maybe even some Texas-related history.

    Please enjoy some chile for me (that’s c-h-i-l-e not chilli not chili and definitely without beans. Texans don’t always know what’s good)


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