History Carnival catch up

July 11, 2007

How far behind am I on noting the Carnival of History?
History Carnival logo

Number 54 is at Historianess.

Number 53 is at American Presidents Blog.

History teachers, “off” for the summer, can use these assemblages for inspiration for lesson plans in world history, U.S. history, and state history courses, at a minimum. Serious readers will note deep themes suitable for summer consideration at the beach before we get back to the serious business of improving the world, in the fall, perhaps before Gen. Petraeus makes his report.

It’s summer. History is still serious.

Update: War against science and Rachel Carson

July 11, 2007

Some links you should check out, in the continuing fight for reason against the bizarre campaign against the reputation of Rachel Carson, against the World Health Organization, and against fighting malaria, and for unwise use of DDT:

1.  Alan Dove, at Dove Docs, notes an entirely new way of thinking about immunity against malaria:  “A New Twist on Herd Immunity”

2.  Insight from Bug Girl:  “Scientists, media, and political activism;”  also check out her post on new research on mosquito bed nets.

3.   Deltoid posted several good pieces since last I linked; go here, and here.  Be ready:  Tinfoil hat brigade comes out in the comments to the first piece.

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