Starbucks controversy: The Way I See It #289 (global warming)

Found this on my coffee cup today:

The Way I See It #289

So-called “global warming” is just

a secret ploy by wacko tree-

huggers to make America energy

independent, clean our air and

water, improve the fuel efficiency

of our vehicles, kick-start

21st-century industries, and make

our cities safer and more livable.

Don’t let them get away with it!

Chip Giller
Founder of, where
environmentally-minded people
gather online.

Starbucks Coffee Cup, The Way I See It #289

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20 Responses to Starbucks controversy: The Way I See It #289 (global warming)

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    So, where are all you visitors coming from in January 2014? Who mentioned this post?


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  4. Yeah! Those liberal bastards! Make sure you know this…


  5. Ed Darrell says:

    Clean air and water and the green belts necessary to make cities livable are the result of working to end the emissions that create climate change. They work hand in hand, hand in glove to make better cities. is a major on-line presence for contemporary environmental protection news and thought. Chip Giller is widely respected among scientists, environmental activists and clean engineers for his work to spread good information.

    Plus, he’s right.


  6. mark says:

    The way I see it

    The founder of an “environmentally-minded” community lumps together a list of (un)worthy environmental/economic causes with his belief in global warming? Clean air and water, making cities safer and more livable, those are completely unrelated to cutting carbon emissions. A quote like this risks doing a huge disservice to environmentalists everywhere. And yet this quote made it onto a Starbucks cup for millions of people to read. How did that happen?


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  8. tonya says:

    sorry. i’m sorry, my brother got on my account. so sorry.


  9. Caroline says:

    This is bullshit. How can you not believe in global warming? It’s happening right in front of your eyes. Ice caps are melting a little every year, and the ozone layer is deplecting because of humans stupid actions. That is only a couple things that prove that global warming is going on. People wake up and look around you and realize what is really going on in this world. Even if you don’t believe in global warming what’s wrong with trying to better your life with purifying things? The Earth won’t die….the earth will just kill us off as a species because we are damaging her. She has already started with all the horrible natural diasters that have been happening. The natural diasters have never been as horrible as they have been in the past 10 years. If you don’t believe in global warming then you are naive. Look outside youself and think about what your kids will have to go through in the future because of your stupid actions. Your even fucking over the people who are trying to save your stupid ass from extinction. Good job idiots.


  10. prophet says:

    haha great quote!


  11. Ed Darrell says:

    No. I think we ought to clean up the air.


  12. James Arthur Dent says:

    So, perverting and politicizing science with the goal of brainwashing the layman into believing in this hoax is the way to Save the Planet? Can’t you see the damage this causes?


  13. Ed Darrell says:

    If you can construct any scenario by which allowing air pollution is beneficial to poor people, please do.

    Some of the oldest measures in our public health history were designed to offset the health damage to poor people because of air pollution (vitamin D in milk, rules on chimney sweeps), and it is still true worldwide that the poor disproportionately suffer from the damages of air pollution. For just one example, there are tens of millions of people in the lowlands of Bengla Desh whose homes are at greater risk of flooding, both from runoff from storms on land and from typhoons.

    Recent studies show that cleaning up carbon emissions would not significantly hamper industry, as all past pollution cleanups have not harmed industry by themselves.

    If one prefers to preserve “our economy,” one must necessarily be concerned about reducing pollution, including carbon emissions. But then, perhaps you don’t count eating seafood, pushing barges through the Mississippi or Panama Canal, running trains, growing crops in Kansas, or moving garbage away from big cities as part of our economy. Is there really a serious argument in favor of our economy that doesn’t also require acting against air pollution?

    I’m old enough to have had wise people tell me that it would be impossible to make cleaner automobiles without stopping all economic activity. They said reducing NOx, SO2 and fugitive VOC emissions would require that we stop building automobiles altogether, and go back to oxcart transportation. In each case advancing technology allowed significant reductions in emissions while bulding faster, more luxurious, and more automobiles. Are you arguing that our ability to innovate with technology is now gone? I don’t believe that for a moment.


  14. Doug says:

    This tries to say that if I am against extreme policy and ordinances that are for preserving our economy (especially that of our poorest), then I am against clean air, efficiency and energy independence. This is totally not true. I am for all these things. I will be the first to sign up for solar panels and wind mills when they become technologically viable and economically efficient. I am for research into all of these things. I am not for shutting down our energy and our ability to get it. This would include a moratorium on power plants.

    If people are for reduction of greenhouse gases at the 50 – 80 percent rate, then please unhook from the electrical grid and place solar cells on your house. If you do, you will not have all the conforts of modern life. Also, walk or ride a bike and stop driving your car!


  15. Mike says:

    Thank you Starbucks! It’s great to see a company with as much influence/power as they have, doing something good with it like putting these enlightening quotes on their cups. Anyone who is offended by these quotes should take a good hard look at themselves…step out of the religion that they were born into and see the human race as a whole spiritual family experiencing one truth- to be alive, spread peace, love and happiness to ourselves and to others. People that have that mindset don’t let anything offend them because they are no longer victims of anything or anybody.


  16. Karla says:

    i really like this whole thing starbucks has started.
    and i enjoy very much reading the cups, i do it everytime.
    i got this one one time, and i took the cup home… :)


  17. Kelse says:

    Oooh gosh I love this quote! My mom had gotten this quote on her cup and i had forgotten to copy it down before she threw it away. So thank you so much for posting it up!


  18. jen says:

    i concur wholeheartedly. as an environmental toxicology major, totally excited that people are starting to talk about this stuff. even on coffee cups.


  19. lucydoodle© says:

    i love this…its the best “the way i see it” that i have seen…


  20. EPA - Ego Protection Agency says:

    Yay for Starbucks.


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