Long night in Texas?

March 4, 2008

Our precinct caucus is almost always a sedate affair.  While our precinct votes heavily Democratic, few of the voters are interested in working much more for the party machinery, especially if it involves giving up a couple of weekends to attend conventions.

So in the past decade we’ve been in this precinct, caucuses have been tiny.  Five people was the high water mark.  A couple of times we’ve had one other person.  In years I was not the precinct chair, the precinct chair didn’t bother to show.  More often I’ve been the only person there, and had to work hard to recruit 23 delegates and 23 alternates to our senatorial district convention.  We don’t have that many relatives in Texas, let alone in this precinct.

Two presidential campaigns work hard:  This year should be different, we’re told.

The New Republic’s website features an article that plumbs some of the problems that may develop. Oy!

Will Texas be a disaster?  I doubt it — the disaster would occur at the senatorial district convention, I think.

I need the time tonight to work on lesson plans, though.  Against my small-d democratic better sense, I almost hope everyone else votes and goes home, leaving me to try to recruit 23 delegates and 23 alternates . . .

Wish me luck!

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