Movies to make your high school history teacher cry

March 24, 2008

Via Popehat, Yahoo!’s list of the Ten Most Historically Inaccurate MoviesPopehat notes that Mel Gibson is a big player in three of the ten.

There are a lot more to add to the list, I think — pick your favorite Zorro movie, for example.  Or think of the fog at the airport in “Casablanca.”  Especially if one starts picking historical nits in pictures that don’t pretend to portray historical events, the list grows quickly.   Has anyone vetted the years of the song in the soundtrack for “Forrest Gump?”

This list at hangs 11 inaccurate films.  It’s snarkier and much more profane, probably not safe for work or school.  There is a lot of overlap.

Which movies have been left off the lists, other than all of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies

Anniversary of the Ardeatine Massacre

March 24, 2008

Do your texts even mention the Ardeatine Massacre?  On March 24, 1944, just outside of Rome, German troops murdered 335 Italians in a cave, in revenge for an attack on a column of German troops by an Italian resistance group that killed 31 German soldiers.

A Quantum Diaries Survivor wrote last year about the settling of a journalism controversy over the events.  I wrote moreThis year a blog tightly focused on executions — —  marks the actual anniversary.

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