Desperate, frightened, angry at America, Republicans and conservatives spread hoaxes

March 9, 2008

With voters going overwhelmingly for Democrats in the past few weeks, Republicans and conservatives seem to be getting desperate for a fix of bad news for Democrats — so desperate they’ll create hoax news if they can’t find any real stuff (as if the wars were not bad enough, not deserving of our attention enough).

Nancy Pelosi and Coast Guard Officers

Some hoaxers spread the old hoax about Nancy Pelosi asking for new taxes. Not true.

That doesn’t stop more hoaxers from spreading the falsehoods. And spreading them. And spreading them. And spreading the hoaxes. Lying to Vietnam veterans. Spreading the false hoaxes via “answer” boards. And spreading the falsehoods. Lying to gullible political activists. Spreading the hoax to even more, gullible political activists.

Don’t any of these people read newspapers? Haven’t they got the internet, which would link them to Pelosi’s office, or to the Thomas site at the Library of Congress to track the supposed legislation, or to, or Urban LegendsDon’t any of these hoax spreaders have the sense or decency to ask whether the proposal makes any sense?

Critical thinking is more than saying “I think [people I disagree with] are ugly.”

  • Photo from a press release from the office of Rep. Nancy Pelosi; Caption: Rear Adm. Kevin J. Eldridge, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, and Lt.j.g. Robert A Bixler attended the January 23 commissioning ceremony of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter PIKE at Coast Guard Sector San Francisco on Yerba Buena Island. The 87-foot patrol boat, which Pelosi sponsored, was built by Bollinger Shipyard Inc. of Lockport, LA, in September 2005. It employs the latest advances in navigation and marine technology, and is equipped for search and rescue, environmental protection, and maritime law enforcement. It will conduct these primary missions in the San Francisco Bay area. The PIKE has a crew of ten men and women. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Sabrina Arrayan.

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