Irony meter alert: Powerline slings mud at science

You may have to read this one a couple of times to see what’s going on.  It’s subtle.

Our farrightwingordie buddies at Powerline headlined the post, “Science dragged through the mud.”

Of course, the Powerline post itself slings mud at science and scientists, doing all the mud dragging itself. The post accuses climate scientists of dishonesty, conspiracy, incompetence, political bias and general un-apple-pie-ness.

Happer said he is dismayed by the politicization of the issue and believes the community of climate change scientists has become a veritable “religious cult,” noting that nobody understands or questions any of the science.

He noted in an interview that in the past decade, despite what he called “alarmist” claims, there has not only not been warming, there has in fact been global cooling. He added that climate change scientists are unable to use models to either predict the future or accurately model past events.

Do rightwingers even know how to operate an irony meter?

2 Responses to Irony meter alert: Powerline slings mud at science

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Happer flings mud instead of information. Then the boys at Powerline worry that others will ‘drag science through the mud.’ Crocodile tears are silly, but dangerous on such a serious topic.

    In the short snippet at powerline we get almost zero science, but instead complaints about the politicization of science (in a column that is pure politicization and again, almost zero science), coupled with unsubstantiated charges that all of his colleagues are incompetent (all of them? really?).

    He should stick to physics, if he has the data. If he doesn’t have the data, he should still stick to physics. Dragging science through the mud is a bad idea, Powerline suggests — so they, and Happer, should avoid it, don’t you think?


  2. mark says:

    I think this is William Happer’s physics website at Princeton. He’s in a photo on the page. What exactly is the problem with his comments?


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