National History Day film on DDT

Student production from 2008:

The film’s credits say it was done by Michael Seltzer — it’s rather obviously a student production, but there is also a Dr. Michael Seltzer active in environmental protection.  Are they related?

Best I can tell is that this documentary didn’t win any national awards If the non-winners are this good, I wonder what the winners look like?

Why aren’t all the winners posted on the website of the National History Day organization, or on YouTube?

One Response to National History Day film on DDT

  1. […] Film by Samuel Hudnut and Justin Tibbels, winner of the Silver Medal at the 2006 National History Day contest; sponsored by the Maryland Humanities Council; high school kids can tell an accurate story featuring Rachel Carson in under ten minutes, professional film makers should try to do as well.  Also see this 2008 NHD entry. […]


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