Creationism, at the Bad Idea Blog

Bad himself has gone silent for a while.

But in a thread he started, originally on Ben Stein’s world tour of crackpottery, we’ve got a creationist minister who argues that evolution can’t be shown, is impossible, and that the science backs creationism.

Go give it a look.

I may post some of the stuff over here, eventually.  In the meantime, go discuss.  Maybe Bad can be convinced to come out of retirement.

Definitely related post:

3 Responses to Creationism, at the Bad Idea Blog

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    And with just the right chime, too. Thanks!


  2. RBH says:

    I couldn’t stand it — I had to chime in.


  3. Bryan says:

    Ed, Bravo!


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