Campolo: Still wrong on evolution

I’ve been itching to get at Tony Campolo’s republication of his errors on evolution and intelligent design.  There’s a lot on my “to do” list.

Mike at Tangled Up In Blue Guy has beat me to it, and probably done it better than I could have.  Go read, “Is, and ought, and Darwinism.”  I agree.

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3 Responses to Campolo: Still wrong on evolution

  1. rayjs says:

    Campolo sounds as if he’s a bit like William Jennings Bryan in that he’s a progressive Christian even though he rejects evolution (and apparently for the same reasons as Bryan – at least, as it relates to human evolution). He also seems to misunderstand evolution in pretty much the same way as Bryan.

    I mean, of course, the real Bryan, not the Inherit the Wind version.


  2. evolution is false says:

    i dont like people that are racist shame on you you peice of trash


  3. Mike says:

    It took me a while to get to it, too. I later found out after I had written my piece that this was a repeat post from a year ago.

    Thanks again, Ed.



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