Van Jones: LGF got it right

Van Jones’s advantages, added together, summed too closely to the detrimental sum of having him as an advisor in the executive branch, I think.

But Glenn Beck’s unprincipled attack on Jones as a “9/11 truther” brought up issues that were not among the baggage Jones carried. Little Green Footballs explained that Jones’s statement that he didn’t call for an investigation of George Bush seems to be accurate.  LGF has no authors who trend to the liberal side (are there even any Dems there?).

With such a target-rich guy as Jones, why does Beck go with the least credible evidence possible?  When the facts flow your way, why make stuff up?  Beck’s bizarre claims about DDT offer more evidence the guy has just floated around the bend in the reality and ethical river.  More on that later.

Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub said Little Green Footballs was right? Better spread that news!

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2 Responses to Van Jones: LGF got it right

  1. Mike says:

    LGF is a respectable site, in my opinion. Glenn Beck, well, he is a man for our times, sadly. He feeds this notion that a centrist like Obama is leading us to the days when our kids will be wearing “Red Scarves” with the Obama logo on them.


  2. Mr. B says:

    When the facts flow your way, why make stuff up?

    This statement presumes that Glenn Beck is able to identify a fact and that he would know what to do with one if he ever happened upon one knowingly. Beck is just doing what he always does.


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