Coffee truck

August 4, 2012

Some days I need industrial quantities of industrial strength coffee.  I was happy and excited to catch up to this truck in Illinois earlier this summer.

Pilot Truck Stops' coffee truck

Alas, the truck carries gasoline, with just an advertisement for coffee . . . Pilot Truck Stops coffee truck, photo by Ed Darrell

You know the result:  The “1203” hazardous cargo number means it’s gasoline, not coffee.  What a cruel trick!

Update, April 2017: A website called Fedora now has this photo as an available wallpaper. I hope it gets picked up, and I hope they pay royalties.


Notebook – an animation look at reality in a digital age

August 4, 2012

I’m up for a brilliant little idea not carried on too long.

Stumbled into this film from four years ago.  The producer/director/creator explains it:

Noteboek (English title: Notebook) consists of 4 short experimental films where I try to confuse the reality.
In these films, illusions and expectations are challenged.

Noteboek is a short film and part of my graduation project.

[Music: The White Stripes-Seven Nation Army.]

And where is Evelien Lohbeck today?

If you want to see more work please visit:

The guy’s woman’s got a wicked sense of the surreal, and a good sense of humor.

Tip of the old scrub brush to Le Web  . . . et le reste.


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