Willie Nelson Blvd.

August 12, 2012


Willie Nelson Blvd, Austin, Texas - IMGP2228 photo by Ed Darrell (please attribute)

Waiting for the bats in Austin, and I looked up to find I was on Willie Nelson Boulevard!

A star on the sidewalk in Hollywood is nice, I suppose.  But how many recording or film artists get streets named after them in the capital city of their home state?

And, can you list that as a good reference on your sentencing report on a possession charge?

Details, from the Austin American-Statesman:

2nd Street renamed for Willie Nelson

By Sarah Coppola | Thursday, May 27, 2010, 10:55 AM

Part of Second Street will now bear the honorary name Willie Nelson Boulevard.

The City Council approved the change this morning as a tribute to the singer, who has lived in the Austin area nearly 40 years and sold more than 50 million records.

The city will install Willie Nelson Boulevard signs this summer at every block along Second Street from Trinity Street to San Antonio Street. The formal name, mailing addresses and street signs for Second Street will stay the same, but residents and businesses along the street will be able to receive mail using the Willie Nelson Boulevard address, said Mayor Lee Leffingwell, who proposed the idea.

A nonprofit group, Capital Area Statues, is raising money to put a full-size statue of Nelson on Second Street, in front of the new Austin City Limits studio. That nonprofit commissioned the sculpture and unveiled a smaller version of it earlier this month.

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Sourcing Thomas Jefferson quotes: “A country with no border . . .”

August 12, 2012

A group calling itself “Patriotic Moms” claims to quote Thomas Jefferson:

Thomas Jefferson 3x4

Thomas Jefferson said a lot, and kept careful records of about 15,000 letters — but did he ever say a country without a border is not a country? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“A country with no Border is not a country.”

I can’t find that in Jefferson’s writings.  Anybody know if Jefferson said or wrote anything like that?  Got a citation?

Is this another fake Jefferson quote?

Update:  My determination is that no, Jefferson did not say it at all.

More, reference:

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