Already! Season two, “These Guys”

August 22, 2012

Louie Ludwig is a genius.  Does he write speeches for Texas candidates for the U.S. Senate, maybe?  Paul Sadler, are you watching?

These Guys Season 2: The Lieutenant
So the new guy thinks he’s such a tough guy? When he can’t even stand up to these guys?

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This one’s good: “Previously, on ‘These Guys'”

August 22, 2012

You want these guys back? Whaddaya, crazy?
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New! These Guys Season 2:

George Bush and Richard Bruce Cheney in THESE GUYS

Starring Robert Joseph, Saddam Hussein, Joseph Wilson, Scooter Libby,Valerie Plame, Donald Rumsfeld, George Tenet, Colin Powell, Abu Zabayda, Cofer Black, Robert Kagan, Dan Senor, Elliott Cohen, Paula Dobriansky, Condaleeza Rice

and, Introducing Mitt Romney as “The Nominee”

With a cast of billions. The biggest-budget disaster epic ever made!

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Music: “The Man with No Point”
From the album “Private Islands”
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Somebody, somewhere, probably could put names to all the faces.

“Meet the new boss.  Same as the old boss.”  Please, not again.  As Louie Ludwig said, “This year, vote, as if a guy’s life depends on it.”

Moonrise at Mammoth Hot Springs

August 22, 2012

Department of Interior erupts at Instagram again:

Moonrise over Mt. Everts, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park - Dept of Interior photo

Moonrise over Mt. Everts, near Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park – Dept of Interior photo

Department of Interior tweeted that the photo was posted at Instagram — no other big details:

A full #moon rises over Mt. Everts near Mammoth Hot Springs in #Yellowstone National Park.

With more than 300 properties including the “Crown Jewels” of the National Parks, with employees carrying cell phones, it must be an interesting job to pick one photo to post on Instagram on any given day.  I wonder who makes the selection.

(I wonder whether anyone will glance quickly, and misread “Mt. Everts” as “Mt. Everest.”)


Hoping Texans were at church and didn’t see it: Texas GOP U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz loses debate on Tea Party policy to Atlanta Mayor

August 22, 2012

Did you see NBC’s Meet the Press last Sunday?  The Texas GOP hopes not.

Teabagger GOP U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz, on his first shot of national exposure, got shut down by Atlanta’s Mayor, Democrat Kasim Reed.

Cruz was trying to defend Paul Ryan‘s poor showing as a candidate for vice president.  23 seconds of burn:

No wonder Cruz is afraid to debate his Democratic opponent, Paul Sadler.  Ted Cruz’s “We can’t afford to be a great nation anymore” whine starts to make him look more and more the candidate from the Surrender Monkey Party.  Reed’s shutdown of Cruz exposed the hypocrisy of  Cruz’s and Ryan’s claims.

Shhhh! While Tea Party shouts against Sharia law, GOP sneaks some Sharia into national platform,

August 22, 2012

Checking out the main stage for GOP 2012 Convention - AFP photo

While the platform committee meets a few blocks away, GOP planners check out the main stage for GOP 2012 Convention – AFP photo

You’d have a tough time dreaming this sort of stuff up for Saturday Night Live skit, or a comedy movie.

Eric Koenig, one of my few Follower-of-Islam friends, wrote:

The GOP has been talking for quite some time about “creeping Shariah Law,” the notion that, little by little, Muslims are taking over America by demanding that they be allowed to have Shariah rights, in this city, in that city, until the whole thing creeps across, and engulfs, America itself, whereupon we will become an “Islamic theocracy” (there are none, but the “pundits” always love to use the term) such as in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, etc. So anything that may have to do with “Shariah Law” is the absolute antithesis of the GOP.


Yes, that’s right.  In fact, here in Texas the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate, Ted Cruz, complains about Sharia law almost as often as he warns the United Nations is coming to take away our golf courses.  (See what I mean by, “you can’t make this stuff up?”)  Ted Cruz, who once upon a time had a Harvard education, defeated the rich-but-sane-by-comparison “mainstream” GOP candidate just a few weeks ago.

Eric continued:

Well, the GOP has recently released the draft of the language of their party platform for this month’s national convention in Florida. And they have something to say about abortion. Namely, they call for a Constitutional ban on abortion, even in cases where the pregnancy is caused by rape or incest. No exceptions other than if the expectant mother’s life is at risk.

Here’s the irony: ask anyone from a rather conservative Muslim country — Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan etc. — what their country’s policy is towards abortion and they’ll tell you no abortions are allowed except if the expectant mother’s life is at risk.

In other words, in a Muslim nation, no abortions are performed on women who have been made pregnant through rape or incest. Nope; the law states that they should go ahead and have their kids. IT’S THE LAW.

And nobody sees the irony here about the GOP complaining of “creeping Shariah Law” and jumping into bed with the very “Islamic theocracies” they claim to denounce regarding the abortion issue??

I think we got the GOP by the family jewels. They can’t have their cake and eat it too. Either they have to stop with this talk about “creeping Shariah Law,” or drop the language in their platform about a Constitutional ban on abortion that perfectly matches Shariah Law procedure.

Contradictions?  Sure!  My money would go on the GOP letting Ted Cruz and others complain about creeping Sharia law, while at the same time helping Sharia creep in through the Platform Committee’s back door, and keeping quiet about the contradictions.  What do you think might happen, Dear Reader?

In the “More” section, below, you may find articles both decrying Sharia, and inserting anti-Sharia planks in the platform, oblivious to the pro-Shariah planks pushed by other Republicans.  You might say, “Forgive them, they know not what they do.”  My prayer would be that they might become enlightened, realize what they are doing, and stop it.


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