Texas Democratic Party response to talk of secession

Texas Democratic Party Tweeted this out last night, the official response of the party to talk of secession:

Texas Democratic Party response to secession talk

Texas Democratic Party visual response to talk of Texas seceding

(Unfortunately, I fear the play on words may be lost on many Tea Party and Texas Nationalist comrades.)

3 Responses to Texas Democratic Party response to talk of secession

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  2. Ed Darrell says:

    Wise words, Mariano — even the sarcasm.

    Also, please note carefully that it’s not possible to get out of the U.S. merely by signing a petition. We fought a war over the issue, a long and bloody war. Once in, you’re in the compact between all Americans, and your state exists at the suffering of the people, not the other way around — so a state’s extraction from the union would require a process not determined, but unlikely in any case.

    The petition tells the President what these people want. It’s highly ironic that they petition the guy who, they complain, doesn’t listen to them, but that’s just one more foolish inconsistency in the secessionists’ rant.

    Read more here: https://timpanogos.wordpress.com/2012/11/13/one-more-time-no-texas-cannot-secede-no-texas-cant-split-itself-2012-edition/


  3. Mariano Mendez says:

    Now that some of us in Puerto Rico started to look at the possibility that maybe if we join the union as the 51 State, things could be better for us and those coming up, you guys are talking about leaving? For many. many years some people in PR have been trying to do just that. There has been incarcerations, murders and all kinds of things and you just going to sign a petition and go? At a point in my life I thought that maybe that is all we needed here in Puerto Rico. You guys talk about the economy. The economy was a problem for the pharaohs in Egypt and it have been a problem for every organized government since the beginning of time. The economy and politics always go hand in hand. Nobody have been able to solve the problems with the have and the have not. I do not think you guys have the answer either and if you do? Congratulations you just won the Nobel Price


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