Photograph, or painting of Paris?

And from what was this shot, if it’s a photo?

With everyone else,

I love
Paris in the
the springtime!

But I wonder what brain bending goes on in this image.  From Fascinating Pics:

Paris at Sunset, France - Fascinating Pics

Paris at Sunset, France Photo by Coolbiere.

What do you think? Painting?  Photo?  Manipulated photo?

Update: J.A. Higginbotham tracked down the original Flickr photo, by a Coolbiere.  Nikon D-800, 70-200 zoom telephoto, at 122mm; claims to have taken it from Mount Parnasse. Luck and preparedness.  Wow.

5 Responses to Photograph, or painting of Paris?

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Lightroom is a photo viewer, cropper, part of the Adobe suite of creative stuff — with luck, s/he just sharpened the photo, and probably skewed it a little to the red-yellow side.


  2. Photo, but no idea how to tell if manipulated:
    Basic POV
    Does using this mean anything? Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5


  3. Black Flag® says:

    One more time!

    You have a wonderful eye for pictures that conjure up and present the wonders of life.


  4. Black Flag® says:

    All of the above


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