More nature, please? More trees? UK in 100 seconds

Still image from “UK in 100 Seconds.”

I wonder what a similar film of the U.S. would look like? Has anyone done it?

It would probably have to be 400 seconds, at least.

A Friends of the Earth video, UK in 100 seconds

Description of the film from Friends of the Earth:

It’s difficult to get a picture of what the United Kingdom really looks like. Imaginations and assumptions can distort decisions that affect our lives. We often hear the idea that there is simply no more room in the country. In reality, just six per cent of the UK is built on.

‘The UK in 100 Seconds’ is a provocative and thought provoking film that rearranges the United Kingdom’s land into 32 categories and divides them over 100 seconds. Each second equates to 1% of what the country looks like from the air.

Made by guerrilla geographer Daniel Raven-Ellison and filmmaker Jack Smith, the film was made by travelling from Tongue in the north of Scotland to the New Forest in the south of England. Each second of the film covers roughly one metre of Raven-Ellison’s walk through moorland and peat bogs, down a runway and over a dump.

Made in collaboration with Friends of the Earth, the film gives an honest reflection of what land looks like and how it is used in the United Kingdom and raises some challenging questions. A major inspiration for Raven-Ellison making the film is the amount of space that is used for feeding livestock and the question – what if we made more space for nature?

4 Responses to More nature, please? More trees? UK in 100 seconds

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    I suspect the narrator is Daniel Raven-Ellison. National Geographic talks about him and the film, here:


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    Rural English accent, up near Scotland, I think. A lot of Cockney’s substitute an “f” sound for “th,” but I’ve also heard that from rural folk on BBC programs.

    Not sure the guy’s name — probably the producer of the movie.


  3. Porlock Junior says:

    Great quick film. There definitely should be more like it.

    But I have an irrelevant question: Who is the narrator, and what is his accent? That I have never heard a British accent quite like that is not significant considering the thousands of different ones. Still, it has aspects that sound foreign. If forced to guess, I might try Dutch, but couldn’t justify it rationally.


  4. I am afraid we are taking away more nature every day. Interesting film.


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