Econ blogs! What about the top education blogs?

August 30, 2013

Turns out Onalytica ranks education blogs, too — in fact, they’ve done it twice, with an update already.

“Education blog” graphic found at Natural by Design

Here are the top 100 education blogs (no surprise; Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub is not among them) — the second hundred, I’ll list in a separate post.

The methodology sounds solid — but isn’t it interesting that they missed so many education blogs in their first cut in January?  I wonder what that means.

Logo for Onalytical Indexes

Logo for Onalytical Indexes

Which of your favorites are not on the list at all?

In a previous post we published a list of the top 100 most influential education blogs, ranked by their Onalytica Influence Index. Six months on, we have made an updated list of the top influential bloggers.

For a detailed explanation of the methodology we refer to our previous post. As before, we report the following metrics: Onalytica Influence Index, Popularity and Over-Influence.

The Influence Index is the impact factor of the blogs, similar to the impact factor of academic journals; Popularity measures how well-known a blog is among other education blogs and Over-Influence seeks to capture how influential a blog is compared to how popular it is.

The movements in the ranking have been caused by a change in the quantity and quality of citations that a blog has received. If a blog has gone up it means that it has been cited by more influential blogs lately and/or has received a higher number of citations. Moreover, there are new influential blogs that we have only recently started monitoring.

Stay tuned for more updates on education blog rankings.

Change In Rank Rank Name Influence Popularity Over-Influence
1 Dan Meyer’s Blog 100.0 82.1 1.6
2 Hack Education 97.4 42.3 2.7
3 ↑ 3 Dangerously Irrelevant 63.7 59.0 1.3
34 ↑ 4 Diane Ravitch’s Blog 61.9 66.7 1.2
2 ↓ 5 The Principal of Change 61.8 56.4 1.3
3 ↑ 6 Free Technology for Teachers 58.2 93.6 0.8
17 ↑ 7 Will Richardson’s Blog 53.5 37.2 1.6
8 ↑ 8 Stephen Downes 48.2 25.6 1.9
New Entry ★ 9 Cool Cat Teacher Blog 47.9 46.2 1.2
New Entry ★ 10 Steve Hargadon’s blog 45.2 30.8 1.6
3 ↓ 11 The Blue Skunk Blog 44.8 33.3 1.5
8 ↓ 12 Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day … 44.2 70.5 0.8
1 ↑ 13 Getting Smart 42.3 34.6 1.4
New Entry ★ 14 for the love of learning 40.8 35.9 1.3
3 ↓ 15 Practical Theory 38.0 30.8 1.3
9 ↓ 16 Ideas and Thoughts 36.7 38.5 1.1
New Entry ★ 17 Computing Education Blog 35.9 9.0 2.7
8 ↑ 18 The Learning Spy 35.1 35.9 1.1
14 ↓ 19 The Learning Network 35.1 34.6 1.1
New Entry ★ 20 On an e-Journey with Generation Y 33.1 7.7 2.6
9 ↑ 21 Shanker Blog 32.4 28.2 1.2
29 ↑ 22 Kevin’s Meandering Mind 32.1 16.7 1.7
New Entry ★ 23 Granted, and…thoughts on education by Grant Wiggins 29.9 33.3 1.0
New Entry ★ 24 The Core Knowledge Blog 29.6 21.8 1.3
New Entry ★ 25 The Education Trust 29.1 11.5 1.9
4 ↓ 26 Around the 28.4 12.8 1.8
New Entry ★ 27 Angela Maiers’ Blog 28.1 34.6 0.9
6 ↑ 28 This Week in Education 27.5 17.9 1.4
14 ↓ 29 Ewan McIntosh’s 27.1 21.8 1.2
10 ↓ 30 Moving at the Speed of Creativity 26.9 37.2 0.8
21 ↓ 31 The Thinking Stick 26.3 21.8 1.2
4 ↓ 32 David Warlick 25.6 25.6 1
New Entry ★ 33 Lisa Nielsen – The Innovative Educator 25.1 30.8 0.9
New Entry ★ 34 Tech Transformation 24.8 5.1 2.3
4 ↓ 35 Continuous Everywhere But Differentiable Nowhere 24.7 19.2 1.2
New Entry ★ 36 f(t) 24.4 20.5 1.1
New Entry ★ 37 I Speak Math 24.1 12.8 1.5
20 ↓ 38 Cogdogblog 23.8 20.5 1.1
29 ↑ 39 Action-Reaction 23.8 16.7 1.3
New Entry ★ 40 Math Mistakes 23.7 14.1 1.4
New Entry ★ 41 The Daring Librarian 23.5 23.1 1.0
23 ↓ 42 Open Thinking 23.3 21.8 1.0
New Entry ★ 43 Shawn Cornally’s Blog 23.0 20.5 1.1
New Entry ★ 44 Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice 22.8 34.6 0.7
10 ↓ 45 Nerdy Book Club 22.8 30.8 0.8
New Entry ★ 46 always learning 22.7 14.1 1.3
14 ↓ 47 Learning in Hand 22.3 17.9 1.1
23 ↓ 48 Doug – Off the Record 22.2 16.7 1.2
New Entry ★ 49 Gary Rubinstein’s Blog 22.0 16.7 1.2
New Entry ★ 50 edrethink 21.7 26.9 0.8
New Entry ★ 51 21.6 2.6 2.4
20 ↓ 52 Let’s Play Math! 21.2 9.0 1.6
New Entry ★ 53 Change Agency 20.5 5.1 1.9
New Entry ★ 54 The Edublogger 20.2 100.0 0.3
55 20.0 17.9 1.0
11 ↑ 56 Linking and Thinking on Education 19.9 15.4 1.1
New Entry ★ 57 Daniel Willingham’s blog 19.6 24.4 0.8
New Entry ★ 58 Colossal 19.6 6.4 1.7
2 ↓ 59 The Wejr Board 19.2 15.4 1.1
6 ↓ 60 Jay P. Greene’s Blog 19.2 16.7 1.0
61 My Island View 19.0 29.5 0.7
New Entry ★ 62 Van Meter Library Voice 18.6 15.4 1.0
New Entry ★ 63 Lost in Recursion 18.3 11.5 1.2
New Entry ★ 64 Computer Science Teacher 18.2 7.7 1.5
54 ↓ 65 David Wees 17.8 15.4 1.0
New Entry ★ 66 @theresashafer 17.7 2.6 2.0
New Entry ★ 67 Teachers as Technology Trailblazers 17.7 11.5 1.2
New Entry ★ 68 Digital Leader Network 17.5 2.6 1.9
New Entry ★ 69 Tait Coles @totallywired77 – Punk Learning 17.5 14.1 1.0
New Entry ★ 70 School Finance 101 17.1 19.2 0.8
New Entry ★ 71 Dropout Nation 17.1 11.5 1.1
New Entry ★ 72 Quantum Progress 17.0 15.4 1.0
New Entry ★ 73 Constructing Modern Knowledge 16.7 3.8 1.7
New Entry ★ 74 6D 2012 – 2013 Happy learners blog well 16.6 1.3 2.0
New Entry ★ 75 Remote Access even from here 16.3 7.7 1.3
59 ↓ 76 Annie Murphy Paul 16.3 23.1 0.7
New Entry ★ 77 iLearn Technology 16.3 16.7 0.9
New Entry ★ 78 A Difference 16.2 14.1 1.0
New Entry ★ 79 Bianca Hewes 16.2 6.4 1.4
10 ↓ 80 Marisa Constantinides – TEFL Matters 16.2 17.9 0.8
New Entry ★ 81 Nebraska Change Agent 15.9 9.0 1.2
New Entry ★ 82 Rational Expressions 15.7 11.5 1.0
21 ↓ 83 User Generated Education 15.7 15.4 0.9
48 ↓ 84 Assortedstuff 15.6 10.3 1.1
New Entry ★ 85 Half an Hour 15.7 11.5 1.0
41 ↓ 86 David Truss :: Pair-A-Dime for Your Thoughts 15.3 15.4 0.9
40 ↓ 87 I’m a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here! 15.1 9.0 1.1
New Entry ★ 88 Bob Sprankle’s Blog 14.9 7.7 1.2
New Entry ★ 89 The Doc Is In 14.9 1.3 1.8
32 ↓ 90 NYC Educator 14.9 10.3 1.0
New Entry ★ 91 Culture of Yes 14.8 10.3 1.0
New Entry ★ 92 Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog 14.8 19.2 0.7
New Entry ★ 93 Math Mama Writes… 14.5 12.8 0.9
New Entry ★ 94 The Hum of Language Acquisition 14.5 5.1 1.3
New Entry ★ 95 Always Formative 14.4 12.8 0.9
New Entry ★ 96 Bud the Teacher 14.4 10.3 1.0
New Entry ★ 97 edcetera 14.3 9.0 1.1
New Entry ★ 98 The Fischbowl 14.3 17.9 0.7
28 ↓ 99 Learning in Burlington 14.2 15.4 0.8
New Entry ★ 100 Concrete Classroom 14.2 5.1 1.3

Posted: 18 June 2013 16:32 • By: Andreea Moldovan

Tip of the old scrub brush to Flemming Madsen at Onalytica.


Top 200 economics blogs, ranked by Onalytica Indexes

August 27, 2013

Borrowing the entire post from Onalytica Blog, for student ease — the top 200 economics blogs (via Mr. Darrell’s Pin Factory, with express permission and a few modifications). Reading a smattering from the top 20 should offer some real-world assistance in understanding any high school economics course.

Read ’em and reap benefits, as the saying goes.  What did you learn just browsing the list?  Economics teachers and especially first-year economics students will want to bookmark this list and keep it handy.

Interesting that the Nobel Prize-winning Paul Krugman ranks so high, doubly interesting that Bruce Bartlett also ranks so high — and a clue, perhaps, to conservatives, that they should pay more attention to real economists.

Logo for Onalytica Indexes

Logo for Onalytica Indexes

(With a wave of the old wire-cutters to Bruce Bartlett, whose own blog is #2 on this list.)

It’s been several months since we published our latest ranking of influential economic blogs. Below is an updated list of the top 200 economic blogs, ordered by their Onalytica Influence index.

An explanation of the methodology can be found in our previous post on influential economic blogs.

We report the same metrics as before: Onalytica Influence Index, Popularity and Over-Influence. Influence index is the impact factor of blogs, similar to the impact factor of academic journals; Popularity measures how well-known a blog is amongst other economic blogs and Over-Influence seeks to capture how influential a blog is compared to how popular it is.

There are quite a few new entries in the list as a results of our growing underlying corpus of economic blogs from which the most influential ones are calculated. Over time, we should expect to see a reduced number of economic blogs entering the top 200 for the first time.

We have recently added some very well-known and influential blogs such as Economix, FT Alphaville and Vox, causing most blogs to go down in ranking. Moreover, there were other shifts in the ranking generated by a change in the quantity and quality of citations that blogs have received. If a blog has gone up it means that it has been cited by more influential blogs and/or has received a higher number of citations since our last ranking.

Rank Change Website I P O-I
1. The Conscience of a Liberal 100.0 100.0 1.2
New Entry ★ 2. Economix 61.7 64.9 1.1
New Entry ★ 3. FT Alphaville 60.8 52.0 1.4
New Entry ★ 4. Vox 57.4 56.5 1.2
2 ↓ 5. Marginal Revolution 53.1 63.4 1.0
2 ↓ 6. Brad Delong 50.8 61.3 1.0
5 ↓ 7. Economist’s View 50.6 62.8 1.0
9 ↑ 8. Zero Hedge 49.0 57.7 1.0
2 ↓ 9. Naked Capitalism 40.4 48.0 1.0
4 ↓ 10. Econbrowser 36.2 42.0 1.0
11. The Big Picture 35.9 42.6 1.0
2 ↓ 12. EconLog 35.9 45.3 0.9
4 ↓ 13. The Money Illusion 30.2 48.0 0.7
9 ↓ 14. Greg Mankiw’s Blog 30.1 36.6 1.0
5 ↑ 15. Economic Policy Institute 28.7 35.7 0.9
3 ↓ 16. Calculated Risk 28.6 25.5 1.3
23 ↑ 17. Next New Deal 26.2 24.0 1.3
New Entry ★ 18. On the Economy 25.1 33.3 0.9
4 ↓ 19. Crooked Timber 24.5 26.4 1.1
6 ↓ 20. Freakonomics 23.4 32.4 0.8
9 ↓ 21. Worthwhile Canadian Initiative 23.3 32.1 0.8
New Entry ★ 22. Tax Policy Blog 22.3 12.3 2.1
1 ↑ 23. The Baseline Scenario 22.0 25.5 1.0
48 ↑ 24. Noahpinion 21.9 42.3 0.6
6 ↓ 25. Cafe Hayek 20.3 26.4 0.9
8 ↓ 26. Interfluidity 19.8 24.3 0.9
11 ↓ 27. Why Nations Fail 19.3 27.0 0.8
New Entry ★ 28. Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis 19.3 21.0 1.1
3 ↓ 29. Credit Writedowns 18.7 23.7 0.9
27 ↑ 30. Liberty Street Economics 18.0 21.9 1.0
8 ↓ 31. The Incidental Economist 17.7 22.8 0.9
New Entry ★ 32. 17.2 15.9 1.2
New Entry ★ 33. The Grumpy Economist 17.1 18.9 1.0
13 ↓ 34. Angry Bear 16.8 23.7 0.8
New Entry ★ 35. Macro and Other Market Musings 16.3 23.4 0.8
New Entry ★ 36. Not the Treasury View 16.0 17.1 1.1
16 ↑ 37. IMF Direct 15.7 19.5 0.9
New Entry ★ 38. Steve Keens’ Debtwatch 15.7 16.5 1.1
New Entry ★ 39. Stan Collender’s Capital Gains and Games 15.5 11.7 1.5
New Entry ★ 40. Bruegel 15.3 10.8 1.6
7 ↓ 41. The Policy Center 15.2 26.1 0.7
4 ↓ 42. Mainly Macro 15.2 8.4 2.0
New Entry ★ 43. Bill Mitchell – billy blog 14.8 16.5 1.0
16 ↓ 44. The Irish Economy 14.5 9.6 1.7
10 ↑ 45. New Economic Perspectives 14.4 17.1 1.0
New Entry ★ 46. off the charts 14.3 11.1 1.5
New Entry ★ 47. Eschaton 14.1 13.8 1.2
3 ↑ 48. Andrew Gelman 14.0 17.1 0.9
New Entry ★ 49. macroblog 13.9 15.9 1.0
New Entry ★ 50. Steven Landsburg 13.6 15.6 1.0
15 ↓ 51. Stumbling and Mumbling 13.4 20.1 0.8
27 ↓ 52. Overcoming Bias 13.4 21.0 0.7
New Entry ★ 53. Pragmatic Capitalism 13.3 18.9 0.8
7 ↓ 54. The Undercover Economist 13.1 12.3 1.2
New Entry ★ 55. Robert Reich 12.8 15.0 1.0
27 ↓ 56. The Becker-Posner Blog 12.7 9.6 1.5
13 ↓ 57. China Financial Markets 12.5 16.5 0.9
19 ↓ 58. Uneasy Money 11.8 17.1 0.8
New Entry ★ 59. Consider the Evidence 11.6 10.2 1.3
New Entry ★ 60. Bleeding Heart Libertarians 11.6 16.5 0.8
7 ↓ 61. Confessions of a Supply-Side Liberal 11.2 13.5 0.9
69 ↑ 62. Economics One 11.2 16.2 0.8
New Entry ★ 63. the nef blog 11.1 8.4 1.5
6 ↓ 64. The Volokh Conspiracy 11.0 14.7 0.9
30 ↓ 65. Dani Rodrik’s weblog 10.9 12.6 1.0
21 ↓ 66. Organizations and Markets 10.9 10.8 1.1
119 ↑ 67. Conversable Economist 10.5 8.7 1.3
New Entry ★ 68. Euro Intelligence 10.5 14.4 0.8
New Entry ★ 69. The Market Monetarist 10.4 12.6 0.9
40 ↓ 70. A Fistful of Euros 10.2 11.1 1.0
New Entry ★ 71. The Center of the Universe 10.1 9.9 1.2
39 ↓ 72. Keith Hennessey 10.0 8.4 1.3
New Entry ★ 73. Enlightenment Economics 9.9 6.9 1.6
52 ↑ 74. The Street Light 9.8 8.4 1.3
New Entry ★ 75. Robert P. Murphy’s Free Advice 9.5 10.8 1.0
New Entry ★ 76. MacroBusiness 9.4 10.8 1.0
68 ↑ 77. Econospeak 9.4 11.4 0.9
15 ↓ 78. TaxProf Blog 9.3 15.6 0.7
23 ↓ 79. Adam Smith Institute 9.1 16.2 0.6
21 ↓ 80. Donald Marron 9.0 6.9 1.4
New Entry ★ 81. Free Banking 9.0 14.1 0.7
17 ↓ 82. The Reformed Broker 8.9 12.3 0.8
46 ↓ 83. John Kay 8.8 12.9 0.8
New Entry ★ 84. Economic Policy Journal 8.8 10.8 0.9
54 ↓ 85. InfectiousGreed 8.7 9.6 1.0
New Entry ★ 86. Crossing Wall Street 8.7 7.8 1.2
41 ↓ 87. The Oil Drum 8.6 10.2 1.0
46 ↓ 88. Patrick Chovanec 8.5 6.0 1.5
New Entry ★ 89. Coordination Problem 8.4 15.0 0.6
New Entry ★ 90. Cheap Talk 8.3 11.7 0.8
New Entry ★ 91. Michael Hudson 8.3 10.5 0.9
40 ↓ 92. John Quiggin 8.1 11.1 0.8
New Entry ★ 93. Kids Prefer Cheese 8.0 11.1 0.8
New Entry ★ 94. The Market Ticker 8.0 12.9 0.7
New Entry ★ 95. Real-World Economics Review Blog 8.0 12.6 0.7
32 ↓ 96. Daniel W. Drezner 7.9 8.1 1.1
New Entry ★ 97. ToUChstone 7.8 8.7 1.0
20 ↓ 98. Historinhas 7.8 7.2 1.2
New Entry ★ 99. Facts and Other Stubborn Things 7.8 8.1 1.1
42 ↑ 100. Stephen Williamson: New Monetarist Economics 7.8 15.3 0.6
New Entry ★ 101. Credit Slips 7.8 6.3 1.3
New Entry ★ 102. The Bonddad Blog 7.7 11.7 0.8
New Entry ★ 103. The Economic Collapse 7.7 9.3 0.9
New Entry ★ 104. Corey Robin 7.7 11.4 0.8
New Entry ★ 105. Sober Look 7.6 8.4 1.0
56 ↓ 106. Environmental Economics 7.6 7.8 1.1
40 ↑ 107. Bronte Capital 7.6 7.8 1.1
New Entry ★ 108. George Monbiot 7.6 10.2 0.8
New Entry ★ 109. Max Keiser Financial War Reports 7.5 8.1 1.0
New Entry ★ 110. Club Troppo 7.4 13.8 0.6
New Entry ★ 111. Catallaxy Files 7.4 12.3 0.7
New Entry ★ 112. Coppola Comment 7.4 6.6 1.2
New Entry ★ 113. Of Two Minds 7.4 7.8 1.0
39 ↓ 114. ThinkMarkets 7.3 6.0 1.3
New Entry ★ 115. Tax Research UK 7.3 9.3 0.9
New Entry ★ 116. The Beacon Blog 7.3 9.9 0.8
New Entry ★ 117. Unlearning Economics 7.2 10.5 0.8
75 ↓ 118. A Dash of Insight 7.1 3.0 2.4
78 ↓ 119. Chris Blattman 7.0 10.5 0.8
New Entry ★ 120. The Aleph Blog 6.9 10.5 0.7
New Entry ★ 121. Evan Soltas 6.8 8.7 0.9
New Entry ★ 122. UDADISI 6.7 3.0 2.2
26 ↑ 123. The Slack Wire 6.7 5.7 1.3
New Entry ★ 124. Economics for public policy 6.7 9.0 0.8
41 ↑ 125. Supply and Demand (In That Order) 6.7 4.8 1.5
22 ↑ 126. NYU Development Research Insitute 6.6 4.2 1.7
2 ↑ 127. Ludwig von Mises Institute 6.6 9.0 0.8
New Entry ★ 128. OECD Insights 6.6 4.5 1.5
New Entry ★ 129. Mike Norman Economics 6.5 8.7 0.8
54 ↓ 130. The Economic Populist 6.5 8.7 0.8
New Entry ★ 131. MacroMania 6.4 8.7 0.8
65 ↓ 132. TripleCrisis 6.2 7.5 0.9
New Entry ★ 133. Economic Thought 6.2 9.0 0.8
New Entry ★ 134. Jesse’s Cafe Americain 6.2 11.7 0.6
New Entry ★ 135. Yanis Varoufakis 6.1 8.1 0.8
New Entry ★ 136. Political Calculations 6.1 9.6 0.7
New Entry ★ 137. Dan Ariely 6.1 6.0 1.1
New Entry ★ 138. Abnormal Returns 6.0 9.0 0.8
42 ↑ 139. Ideas 5.9 9.0 0.7
New Entry ★ 140. Monetary Freedom 5.9 8.4 0.8
New Entry ★ 141. azizonomics 5.9 6.9 0.9
76 ↓ 142. Tim Worstall 5.9 9.9 0.7
51 ↑ 143. Falkenblog 5.8 9.6 0.7
40 ↑ 144. Rajiv Sethi 5.7 7.5 0.8
76 ↓ 145. Coyote Blog 5.7 8.1 0.8
New Entry ★ 146. International Liberty 5.6 5.4 1.1
59 ↓ 147. CoRE Economics 5.5 7.8 0.8
68 ↓ 148. Knowledge Problem 5.4 8.4 0.7
New Entry ★ 149. I, Cringely 5.3 3.3 1.6
New Entry ★ 150. David Smith 5.3 8.1 0.7
New Entry ★ 151. Sanjeev Sabhlok’s Revolutionary Blog 5.3 6.0 1.0
91 ↓ 152. Division of Labour 5.3 2.7 1.9
New Entry ★ 153. Peter Martin 5.2 3.6 1.5
22 ↓ 154. Neighborhood Effects 5.2 5.1 1.1
New Entry ★ 155. The Epicurean Dealmaker 5.1 7.5 0.8
88 ↓ 156. Economists Do it With Models 5.0 6.3 0.9
New Entry ★ 157. Dr. Ed’s Blog 5.0 5.7 0.9
85 ↓ 158. Growthology 4.9 4.2 1.2
99 ↓ 159. Multiplier Effect 4.9 6.6 0.8
66 ↓ 160. Economics Intelligence 4.9 6.0 0.9
69 ↓ 161. The Capital Spectator 4.9 6.6 0.8
New Entry ★ 162. Offsetting Behaviour 4.8 8.1 0.7
New Entry ★ 163. Antonio Fatas and Ilian Mihov on the Global Economy 4.8 5.4 1.0
New Entry ★ 164. Tom Woods 4.8 6.0 0.9
New Entry ★ 165. owenzidar 4.6 3.6 1.3
10 ↓ 166. Market Design 4.6 5.1 1.0
New Entry ★ 167. Economics of Contempt 4.6 6.9 0.7
New Entry ★ 168. Balance 4.5 2.7 1.6
New Entry ★ 169. Jim Sinclair’s MineSet 4.5 5.1 1.0
26 ↓ 170. Environmental and Urban Economics 4.4 4.5 1.0
New Entry ★ 171. An Economic View of the Environment 4.4 1.8 2.2
New Entry ★ 172. Tax Justice Network 4.4 4.5 1.0
New Entry ★ 173. Mandel on Innovation and Growth 4.4 4.5 1.0
New Entry ★ 174. The Sports Economist 4.4 4.5 1.0
New Entry ★ 175. mathbabe 4.3 6.0 0.8
New Entry ★ 176. Financial Armageddon 4.3 6.6 0.7
107 ↓ 177. Brett Keller 4.3 1.2 2.9
New Entry ★ 178. Social Democracy for the 21st Century: a Post Keynesian Perspective 4.2 8.7 0.5
New Entry ★ 179. Robert Skidelsky 4.2 4.2 1.0
63 ↓ 180. Truth on the Market 4.1 5.4 0.8
81 ↓ 181. Economic Logic 4.1 4.5 1.0
New Entry ★ 182. Moneyness 4.0 6.0 0.7
New Entry ★ 183. Sparse Thoughts of a Gloomy Eurpoean Economist 4.0 3.3 1.2
New Entry ★ 184. Rick Bookstaber 4.0 4.8 0.9
96 ↓ 185. Alpha.Sources.CV 3.9 4.8 0.9
85 ↓ 186. Karl Whelan 3.9 2.4 1.6
17 ↓ 187. Macro Man 3.9 8.4 0.5
New Entry ★ 188. Robert’s Stochastic Thoughts 3.9 2.4 1.5
16 ↓ 189. History Squared 3.9 3.6 1.1
128 ↓ 190. Taking Hayek Seriously 3.8 6.9 0.6
66 ↓ 191. Ralphonomics 3.8 8.4 0.5
New Entry ★ 192. Naked Keynesianism 3.8 8.1 0.5
New Entry ★ 193. International Political Economy at the University of North Carolina 3.8 4.2 0.9
New Entry ★ 194. Middle Class Political Economist 3.7 4.2 0.9
New Entry ★ 195. Ed Dolan’s Econ Blog 3.7 4.2 0.9
111 ↓ 196. Roubini Global Economics 3.7 3.9 1.0
118 ↓ 197. Club for growth 3.7 5.7 0.7
New Entry ★ 198. Adam Smith’s Lost Legacy 3.7 7.2 0.6
New Entry ★ 199. Greed, Green & Grains 3.7 2.1 1.6
New Entry ★ 200. Cassandra Does Tokyo 3.7 5.7 0.7


Teachers, looking for help?

May 11, 2013

Try the blogs listed at, Teach Make A Difference, in their ranking of teaching blogs. Logo for

I’m fascinated at the great teacher resource blogs I don’t see listed; one of the criteria for listing is that at least 50% of the posts must deal with education.

Consequently, it tends to be pedantically-oriented towards classroom technique, with a great diminution of education management and especially policy and politics, which are greater problems in education today, for my money (and lack of money, too).

You will find a lot of useful stuff there.

Was I right? Lots of useful stuff?

The library of non-pornography spam

November 18, 2011

Spam evolves.

Recent crackdowns on the mega-scale spammers cut spam intercepted by filters at a site like this one from several thousand per day to a few hundred, or even less.  Until recently, most of that spam came from pornography sites.  That meant that, with a few keyword searches of the mountains of spam, a weblog owner could separate out most of the bad stuff, and rescue the few legitimate messages that somehow ran afoul of the filters.

But, spam evolves.  In the past month Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub fell victim to one or several bot programs that insert non-pornographic comments into messages from hijacked or legitimate, but commercial, e-mail messages.  Our spam totals have crept upwards once again.  We get a thousand spam messages one more than one day a week now.  Because I hate to lose any legitimate comments, I try to sift through that stuff to find errors.  It’s frustrating.

No Spam sign from stock.xchng

Please, no spam comments here!

Today some poor bastard spammer’s machine broke down, and I got a comment in the spam filters that features many of the lines used by the bots — and you can see why spam filters might have difficulty with them.  Below is the bulk of that comment, featuring dozens of spam lines.  Instead of just one line that my spam filter would probably catch, I got — how many? — more than I bothered to count.  It all came in one comment.

One might be struck by the inanity of the work displayed here.  Some person, a thinking, breathing human being who probably hopes his or her children won’t hate him or her, bothered to write up all these bland, colorless lines, in hopes they would evade spam filters.  What a waste of human effort.  Oh, the humanity — or lack of it!

Can someone automate the process of purging these things from comments altogether?  I can only hope.  Here are the lines, for the record, more than 4,000 words intended solely to clog up the tubes of the internet and frustrate blog owners and blog readers.

The library of non-pornography spam

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Tupper takes up the quill

September 23, 2010

Karl Tupper of the Pesticide Action Network started blogging at PAN’s site, GroundTruth, a few days ago.  His carefully-thought out, informative writing turns to the issue of bedbugs and DDT in his first post.

GroundTruth, the blog of the Pesticide Action Network

Is there room for another blog?  Any blogging about science, with accuracy, is always welcome.

Karl’s second post updates us on EPA’s hearings on atrazine, and the industry campaign to slander any agency who dares to ask the tough questions about chemical safety.  Shades of the 1962 campaign against Rachel Carson, eh?

Breitbart’s blog: Misanthropes, pathological psychoses

August 10, 2010

Is Andrew Breitbart’s blog the world’s largest collection of misanthropes and pathological sociopaths on the internet?

Is there any fool idea that crowd won’t celebrate?  Is there any fact they won’t ignore?  Is that the ultimate result of people whose ears are burned shut by listening to Limbaugh and O’Reilly?

Just curious, and appalled.

Science bloggers doing it wrong?

March 10, 2010

A new paper in the Journal of Science Communication offers a critique of the workings and effectiveness of science bloggers.

Happily for us, the paper is open access, freely available.

The article appears to be from some research for a Ph.D.:

Inna Kouper is a doctoral candidate in the School of Library and Information Science, Indiana University
Bloomington. Her current research interests lie broadly in the areas of language and information; the role
of science in society; and the evolution of information and communication technologies generally
described as social or participatory media (such as blogs, wikis, podcasts, etc.).

Several bloggers say the paper gets wrong what science bloggers do, and what they should do.

Perhaps — you can read the paper yourself and compare it with the criticism.

I do want to call your attention to a very good feature of the paper.  It analyzes postings on 11 of the top science blogs in the world.

1 Pure Pedantry
2 Synthesis
3 MicrobiologyBytes
4 Wired Science
5 BioEthics
6 DrugMonkey
7 Scientific Activist
8 Pharyngula
9 Panda’s Thumb
10 ScienceBlog
11 Cosmic Variance

How can you tell the paper’s serious?  The 11 blogs analyzed do not include any of the junk science blogs, like Uncommon Descent or Watt’s Up With That?

If you listen carefully, you can hear Bill Dembski and Anthony Watts stewing.


February 23, 2010

It’s a day’s readership for Pharyngula.  It’s a trifle compared to those sites that cater to woo and disinformation.

A few people, perhaps, have found use in the posts here.  Two million looks passed about 8:00 a.m. this morning.

Thank you, readers.

New blog from the Texas Historical Commission

June 8, 2009

Texas Parlor notes that the Texas Historical Commission has gotten into the blog business, with a blog called See the Sites.

New logo and slogan for the Texas Historical Commission

New logo and slogan for the Texas Historical Commission

A lot of photos from the sites the Historical Commission operates, news of special events, and links to the Commission’s sites’ websites.  As yet there are not any substantive historical analyses.

The new blog accompanies a redesign of the Texas Historical Commission’s website, and the creation of a new logo for the agency, with a new slogan.

The new website makes navigation a good bit easier, to get to information about cemeteries, or the LaSalle Projects, Texas’s remarkable collection of county courthouses, Civil War monuments, or any of a number of other categories.

Historians begin to make the internet a real tool for education and learning, and the practice of history recording.

Tip of the old scrub brush to Will’s Texas Parlor, a site every Texas history teacher should have bookmarked, and should visit often.

Margaret and Helen

November 6, 2008

Do you think this blog is really written by two older women?

I’m jealous of their ability to get people to comment.

What ship is that in the masthead?  The U.S.S. Texas?

What a road trip!

September 20, 2008

We may have crossed paths with P. Z. Myers — but he didn’t recognize the rented Saturn I was driving in Wisconsin, I’m sure.

He only drove across two states.  I flew to Chicago, drove to Appleton, Wisconsin, and then drove back to Dallas, Texas.  We didn’t take nearly the number of photos we should have, but there are some observations on technology and the open road to come.

In the meantime, readers were generally polite — but as always, not enough of you left comments.

Comments are open.  Always.  Take advantage.

Blue Collar Scientist, Jeff Medkeff

August 4, 2008

Blue Collar Scientist burst on the blogosphere last December.  News from Pharyngula is that Jeff Medkeff’s liver cancer took him — he died last night.

With luck, someone will be sure his on-line and in-print work is archived.  His voice, his activism, his enthusiasm, his patience and deep knowledge seem irreplaceable.  Scientists and other rational people will have to work much harder to fill in the gaps.

So long, Jeff.

“Adam Smith Lives!” is dead

July 21, 2008

No updates in several months — the only thing I can conclude is that the blog, Adam Smith Lives!, is dead.

Gone from the blogroll.

I’m interested in finding good blogs on economics, world history, and government — Dear Reader, which ones have I overlooked?

Charles Darwin has a blog!

April 27, 2008

No kidding.  See it here.  High-end hosts, at

I gather they have wi-fi in the cafe at the museum from which he posts.

Charles Darwin in the cafe at the British Museum -- photo from 90% True

Charles Darwin sits congenially in the café of the British Museum.  Does he blog with wi-fi?

Huxley and Darwin in the cafe at the British Museum; temporary posts for both of them, during some renovations, it turned out -- update 2015. Photo from Airminded.

Huxley and Darwin in the cafe at the British Museum; temporary posts for both of them, during some renovations, it turned out — update 2015. Photo from Airminded

In his first post, he complains about the abuse he suffers from Ben Stein’s mockumentary.

Tip of the old scrub brush to Pharyngula.

Not 1207468165327

April 8, 2008

The hottest post on WordPress is a non-post at Fallout 3 a Post-Nuclear Blog.  Go figure.

It’s only a number:  1207468165327. 

If you click to the post, you get a note apologizing, but telling you you’re looking for something that isn’t there.

Is P. Z. Myers right, that popularity on a blog generates more popularity?  Or is that number significant to someone, somewhere — to many someones?

A magic code to generate traffic, perhaps?  Ah, the Mysteries of the Intertubes, as Sen. Ted Stevens would say.


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