600,000 visits

Passed it an hour ago. This is what P. Z. Myers gets every day, but it’s new for the Bathtub.

Now, I wonder what has to happen to get some of these visitors to turn the page to some of the more substantive posts?

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  1. […] 11,000 hits. Who could have foreseen that a post about an ancient piece of pseudo-animation would catch the fancy of so many? I gather that the word “animation” played a key role in the enormous popularity of the […]


  2. Patrick Walsh says:

    Found you on Boing Boing. The article about the 5000 year old animation caught my eye.
    Have book marked your site and will return often. Patrick


  3. bernarda says:

    Ed, congrats, but I just want to point out an interesting history post on lynching.


    “When one of those collections fell into the hands of a professional historian, it opened up a whole large statistical universe of lynching incidents, each of which came with a location, one or more names, dozens or hundreds of faces that can be identified, and importantly, a date. That made it possible to research not just a few lynchings, but hundreds of them, and to compile statistics on what had happened before and after them. And the terrible, but fascinating, bit of secret history turned out to be the immediate aftermath of over half of those lynchings. Over half of those lynchings turned out to involve black men who owned their own successful farms and/or businesses. And the day after the lynchings, those farms and businesses were sold to white neighbors, in closed auctions, for pennies on the dollar, and the surviving real heirs were run out of town. And in a terrifyingly large number of those cases, historians were able to show one or more of the following facts. The buyer was the person who made the initial accusation against the victim. And the buyer was a relative of one or more of the following: the mayor, the chief of police, the local minister and/or the municipal judge.”

    h/t to pandagon


  4. Ed Darrell says:

    Bad, I’m really impressed with the Akismet filters WordPress provides. I have to delete probably three or four posts that sneak through, even on a very heavy day; I have to retrieve erroneous spam tags maybe once a week, and the automatic moderation makes it all work much more smoothly.

    Good conversations are difficult to find. As Alice Roosevelt Longworth is reputed to have said, “If you can’t say anything nice about someone, come sit here next to me.”

    The serendipity is entrancing. Fr. Cassian has some interesting things to say on the page thread of “ID is a pig that doesn’t fly.” (here:
    I’ll wager he stumbled in here on the basis of all these hits.

    Now, if only I could have predicted the deluge! It was a quick post based on an e-mail notice, and fortunately the animation was in .gif form I could copy (YouTube video might have been nicer). I could not have guessed that it would provoke such interest, and I still don’t know exactly why — “animation” was the key? Who knows? The animation itself is about four years old, and had been talked about before. I’m grateful it’s getting some play, and I’m particularly interested in the information-filled responses that have shown up. I can use some of that stuff to build lesson plans.


  5. Bad says:


    It is distressing just how many viewers it takes to acquire a decent amount of commenting, and then how many commenters it takes to get the sorts of debates and discussions going that make blogs fun. Even on really popular blogs, there is a steady drop off of interesting discussion into “me too” posts. It’s a very fine and lucky line that’s required to get satisfying feedback on an article/post.

    For blogs with a skeptical bent, it’s particularly difficult, because precisely what we want to do is engage people who don’t necessarily agree with us.

    And then there’s the problem of the way spamspiders complete funk up web statistics. Some of my old posts than no one ever reads, and I’m pretty sure are not linked from anywhere, still get hits here and there, sometimes a little too much like clockwork.


  6. szeilenga says:

    Very nice. It is great to see the amount of people visiting.
    I just recently (ok, today) stumbled across your blog and found you present some very intriguing ideas. I bookmarked this blog and will be checking it often.

    And occationally I will probably be posting an argument here or on my blog beholdnonfiction.wordpress.com. Heh. :)

    Anyway, congrats on the 600000 milestone.



  7. That was quick!


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