Evolution teacher expelled from creationist movie

First the producers lied when they interviewed him for the film, claiming to be doing a different movie, a documentary. Then they refused to let him see anything that might reveal what of his own words they were using in the movie.

And now, the producers of Ben Stein’s great turkey of a movie, “Expelled!,” have booted the evolution teacher out of a viewing of the movie of which he is a star they promoted.

[Spew alert! Put the coffee/coke/beer down, and swallow before clicking on the link and reading the story linked to below.]

But having expelled the evolution teacher P. Z. Myers from the movie “Expelled!” and ironically making the point that the pretense of the movie only a pretense, the producer missed Dr. Myers much more famous guest.

Go, see, and laugh.

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7 Responses to Evolution teacher expelled from creationist movie

  1. […] Ben Stein and the often-pompous R. C. Sproul of Ligonier Ministries. Sproul had Stein in the studio to promote the mockumentary film Stein stars in, […]


  2. dickard says:

    That is flat out hilarious. Clearly they just want to build hype within the religious community because they realize the reviews are going to tear it apart. Then the true believers — who’ve been told by their pastors how important this fim is — can claim to be under attack by the “leftist atheists” again.

    Can’t wait.

    This is Absurd


  3. mpb says:

    bOING-bOINGed, too.


  4. Teresa says:

    I really must thank you for pointing the way to thiis story, even if I did make messy whooping noises into my coffee. Thank god for rational thinking, eh?


  5. Ed Darrell says:

    Thanks, Damian. I gather the guy at Looking Closer is excited to have 5,000 hits; but he’s acting testy about closing comments. Heck, it’s a good day for him.

    P.Z. is also talking about record traffic. I gather Digg or Fark got onto it. About time.

    No, not intended as a sly reference to Rampant Films. It’s a reference to really stupid stuff. Alas, it merits a category here.


  6. arensb says:

    You’ve filed this under “Rampant stupidity”. Is this a reference to Rampant Films? :-)


  7. damianphipps says:

    Ed, can I just say that your reply to DaveScot over at the Looking closer blog is freakin’ hilarious. I’m still chuckling about it, after feeling a little pissed off about the fact that he just couldn’t help himself but to join in the fun. Then I saw your reply. Thanks.

    The owner of that blog must regret having a moderation policy. As none of us could see any replies (all of them being in moderation over night, of course), (poor) Stuart has ended up taking a bit of a kicking (which he richly deserved for being so dishonest)!


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