Turns out this chair is occupied

Turns out this chair is occupied.

Tip of the old scrub brush to Luke Adams and Twitter, and to Clint Eastwood.

Also, I’ll wager that photo should have got a credit line to one of the White House photographers, probably Pete Souza.

5 Responses to Turns out this chair is occupied

  1. JamesK says:

    Actually that empty chair is a perfect metaphor for the fantasy Obama that the GOP insists exists.

    They claim that Obama is a socialist. He’s barely a liberal if even that.

    They claim that Obama hates whites. And yet they have no proof.

    They claim he wants to screw small businesses and yet hes the one that tried expanding the amount of money going to small businesses via loans from banks.

    They say he doesn’t compromise and yet for most of his last four years he bent over backwards to compromise.

    they say he’s never even run so much as a lemonade stand as if one has to either run a lemonade stand or be a corporate CEO/Owner to be President…and yet..oh wait…lets see who else never ran a business: Reagan, George H Bush and Dwight Eisenhower.

    They say he wants to engage in “income redistribution” and take all the wealth from the rich….and yet he only wants to raise taxes on the rich back to the rates they were under Clinton which is a rate that’s far far lower then they were during Eisenhower’s Presidency.

    They say he was born in Kenya and isn’t a real American. Funny..I didn’t know that Hawaii is or was part of Kenya

    They say he’s a Muslim when he’s a lifelong Christian (and a better one then David)

    They say the economy is worse and yet when Bush was in office we were losing 300,000 jobs a month, which is no longer happening, and quite a lot of US companies are sitting on mountains of cash. Which by the way disproves the “theory” that businesses will hire if we just give them more money by cutting their taxes.

    They say he cut $800 million dollars from Medicare when he didnt, he saved Medicare that much money, Paul Ryan makes that same “cut” and the GOP wants to gut Medicare and turn it into a glorified coupon program.

    Like I told you before, David, your party isn’t running against the Obama that actually exists. You guys are running against the Obama you’ve conjured in your delusional little minds and are using to scare people with.

    Which reminds me….raising taxes on the rich back to the rates they were under Clinton is only going to raise a pittance but cutting their taxes is going to release so much money into the economy that we’ll all be swimming in jobs and prosperity?

    Do you realize the sheer amount of cognitive dissonance you engage in with that set of beliefs? Or are you really nothing more then a trained parrot regurgitation what you’ve been spoonfed by your puppetmasters?


  2. JamesK says:

    Don’t talk about empty chairs, David, when Mitt Romney is nothing but an empty suit dancing to the tunes of whatever puppet master he thinks can get him into the White House.

    And don’t speak about fanatics when its your party that’s been talking about “second amendment solutions” and perhaps civil war will be necessary if Obama wins in November.

    And as for real leadership..yeah the GOP today has no real leadership whatsoever. All they have is myth, fantasy, delusion and crude people who always speak to and seek the lowest common denominator.

    But sometimes a modicum of truth manages to escape the GOP bubble like when Lindsay Graham said there simply aren’t enough angry scared white men around anymore that can keep the GOP as a major party.

    It’s you that doesn’t know what so many others so plainly see…that the GOP is dying and that conservatism has been an abject failure and that the tea party is the single most hated political group in the country.


  3. JamesK says:

    To quote:
    Republicans had heft, man. Intellect in spades. Even if you didn’t agree with them, you respected them. What happened? They are all dead or retired.

    Quite a few of them are retired and supporting Obama because their own party has gone batshit crazy far right. Especially David Stockman who is one of the architects of that supply side economics that our David has deluded himself into thinking works.

    Then there is the teaparty which is busily trying to or in some cases succeeding in primarying conservatives out of the GOP like they did with Dick Lugar and Bob Bennett and tried to do with Orrin Hatch.

    The Bob Bennett one is particularly telling. What was the “sin” he committed that the teaparty thought it necessary to force retire him? He worked with the Democrats on increasing benefits for soldiers and families which as we all know is downright *gasp* being a communist.

    Jim is right, Obama isn’t a genius and he isn’t always right. But he, unlike the GOP, has tried to compromise and govern. Whereas the Teaparty thinks that compromise is a mortal sin right up there with raising taxes on the rich.

    Reagan, if he was alive today, would be kicked out of the GOP faster then you could blink.


  4. Jim says:

    Oh good heavens, David. I don’t think President Obama is the smartest guy in the room. Never have. I just think he is more intelligent than any of the Republicans in the House or Senate. And probably moreso than any of the GOP Governors. Certainly, moreso than Mint Rawmoney.

    It didn’t used to be that way. I remember when Republicans celebrated intellect. Are you old enough to remember William F. Buckley? Bill Safire? Congressman Amo Houghton? Howard Baker? David Stockman?

    Republicans had heft, man. Intellect in spades. Even if you didn’t agree with them, you respected them. What happened? They are all dead or retired. Why haven’t you replaced them?

    Caribou Barbie and Michelle “Obama Reeducation Camps” Bachmann are not sufficient replacements. For that matter, David, why do conservatives mock erudition and education every chance they get? Why are your talk radio icons always on a tear about “college boys”, “academia” and “poindexter pinheads”?

    Every now and then, the GOP lets a smart guy or gal slip through the vetting process, I guess. Or, like the venerable Dick Lugar, they are grandfathered in. But check it out, David — Lugar was primaried by a Teabilly. Olympia Snowe (another smartie) opted to retire rather than risk being teabagged. Is anyone paying attention to George Will any longer? One would hope. Instead, such people are branded RINOS and marginalized to the point of despair.

    Come back when you’ve found a soaring intellect in your Tea Party ranks. You’re right. Barack Obama is not always the smartest guy in the room. Especially when seated across from Paul Krugman or Bob Reich. But the guy looks like Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and Blaise Pascal all rolled into one when in a room with Allen West, Caribou Barbie, Michelle Bachmann, Paul Ryan and Mint Rawmoney.



  5. David xavier says:

    Obama fans cannot acknowledge the empty chair that others plainly see. To them their guy is the smartest guy in the room, just ask. instead, these fanatics focus on the lovely grain of the wood, the patina of the finish, and the sturdiness of the frame….but, the chair is still empty, as is the gap between highminded rhetoric and real leadership.


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