Typewriter of the moment: Pete Seeger

Photo found at the blog of the good Robert Messenger at OzTypewriter:

I can find no identifying information on the photo.  It looks, to me, to have been taken in the 1950s, judging by Pete’s hair and no beard.

Pete Seeger at his typewriter, probably in the 1950s.

Pete Seeger at a typewriter, probably in the 1950s.

It’s an electric typewriter, I think, seeing a cord coming out of the back.  Probably a Royal (I’m not great at identifying typewriters, you know).   Was this taken at Pete’s home in Beacon?  Perhaps.

Can you help in identifying the time and place of this photo?


5 Responses to Typewriter of the moment: Pete Seeger

  1. Tineye maybe found one photo for me; even plain google with keywords is better. here’s the date: july 28th. The new Google image search is pretty good.


  2. Ed Darrell says:


    I’ve been using Tineye, and it did not find the photo at all.

    Where OzTypewriter says “Newport,” I still haven’t found.

    Which means, once again, I owe readers for finding stuff I haven’t.


  3. Well, the OzTypewriter link says:
    Pete Seeger at a typewriter, Newport Folk Festival, 1963.

    And if you right-click on the image above and left-click on “Search Google for this Image” the first hit is:
    Under “Music Portfolios” and “Newport ’63” is item 9 (info about keg party).
    The calendar page is the correct layout for july 1963.


  4. Black Flag® says:

    How times change.

    Showed my daughter a typewriter and her response was

    “What the heck is that? What do you mean you can’t delete??”


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