Photography as an instrument of history: Ukraine’s Independence Square

Tweet from the Wall Street Journal shows, in very dramatic form, how photographs can be used to record history and current events, telling a story that words just cannot.

 WSJ Wall Street Journal - #Ukraine's Independence Square: then and now

WSJ Wall Street Journal – #Ukraine’s Independence Square: then and now

In Ukraine, there’s an enormous difference between 2009 and 2014.  In five years, Kiev is a different city.

Do we attribute the differences to corrupt government, to the assault on democratic institutions, or to the movement to end the corruption and boost democracy?

It’s more impressive that I can show in a link here; at the WSJ site, the two photos are interactive — you can grab the middle line with your mouse and move it to see the damage in 2014.  Check it out.

Are there similar photographic comparisons for Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Venezuela, Brazil, China, Britain, the United States?  If you know of some, or if you have created some, will you share?

One Response to Photography as an instrument of history: Ukraine’s Independence Square

  1. Black Flag® says:

    As Brzezinski stated, there is a global political awakening that is undermining the status quo.

    It is not a boost for democracy, nor of government – though superficially it appears as such. It will not matter who is elected for what reason – see Egypt.

    It only appears this way because the only tool the people have been taught they have is “some sort of government” – yet, they rage against all of it. Thus the circle of constant upheaval.

    People, given enough time, will figure it out – dissolution of the State and its mechanisms.

    The roadblock: those, like you, who depend and champion the status quo.

    Brzezinski said this is a global crisis.
    In the past, he said, it was easier to control a million people then kill a million people.
    Today, it is easier to kill a million people then control a million people.

    We will see if the status quo has the guts of mass slaughter. They’ve had it before.


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