Do America’s political cartoonists have it in for Rush Limbaugh?

You be the judge, at Daryl Cagle’s Political Cartoonist Index.

Then come back here and tell us your opinion.

4 Responses to Do America’s political cartoonists have it in for Rush Limbaugh?

  1. […] America’s political cartoonists have it in for Rush Limbaugh?”: Maybe. Or maybe they just like drawing angry fat guys who smoke comically large […]


  2. Kerry Maxwell says:

    Is that a real question? I am completely baffled that anyone still GAF about that chronically clueless assclown. The only thing funnier is the GOP wunderkind being touted in recent news stories:

    The acronym GDIF was designed for these horrid trolls.


  3. Rush Limbaugh is Archie Bunker come to life. There are germs of truth in some of the things he says. Unfortunately, he has found a way to distract everyone from substance and towards a Rankin/Bass cartoon view of life.

    I enjoyed the Limbaugh lampoons.


  4. wetlandstom says:

    When a person does what Limbaugh does, and in the public eye, he deserves all the criticism that can be heaped on him. It is one thing to be the “voice” of loyal opposition; but it’s another to be a blow-hard like this guy.


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