Democratic snark at Romney turnabouts

At least when the Democrats do a video snipe at a candidate, they put their name on it.  Most of the clever stuff against Obama is, I suspect, manufactured by some group in the employ of the Republican National Committee, but anonymous, to protect the originators of the hoaxes and inaccuracies.

Maybe the Democrats are proud of this one.  I also suspect there is no good answer to it that wouldn’t bend the truth:  “Mitt vs. Mitt”

Generally, Republicans are better at producing this kind of snark.  Generally, their stuff includes a lot of stuff that’s made up.  Which claims in this video aren’t accurate?  Any?

One Response to Democratic snark at Romney turnabouts

  1. Susan says:

    His spinning and flipping and flopping have given me a headache! That last comment was so true ….. he is a man without a core who will say anything to get elected. Just what we do not need..


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